Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12


Greg Oberg | Campus Minister

As the campus minister, Greg is a jack of all trades. Every responsibility he undertakes ultimately has one goal: help each college student experience a greater life in Christ Jesus. As director of ministry, he guides the Leadership Council and staff, organizes events, spearheads fundraising efforts, counsels with students, directs publicity efforts, handles building improvements, preaches every Wednesday night in our worship service, meets with the Board of Directors for maximum impact, connects with the university and other churches to build relationships with partners and allies, and keeps the actions and operations of the Wesley well-organized.

Greg, a Texas A&M alumni, is from Dickinson Texas. After graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2004, Greg served at various United Methodist Churches in Texas until 2012 when he was honored to be selected for the role of campus minister. Greg has a passion for helping young adults connect with an abundant life in Jesus Christ.


Georgia Oberg | Business Manager

As the Business Manager, Georgia handles paying all the bills of the Wesley and supports the Board of Directors with her role. She ensures the Wesley's finances are efficient, organized and within accordance with all church, state and national laws. She fills out paperwork galore to ensure our religious non-profit organization is one excellent small business!

Georgia was born in the panhandle of Texas, in Amarillo. She began her college years at Texas A&M University where she would graduate in 2001 with a B.S. in Horticulture. Throughout their years in ministry, Georgia has held a variety of working roles, as well as being a full-time mom of three kids, leading Scout Dens and serving in Troop 114 Huntsville, as well as many commitments in her church


Brittany Condry | Connections Intern

The connections intern is the student behind the scenes making everything and anything going on at the Wesley happen successfully. They also reach out to the university, parents, and alumni to keep everyone connected with our ministry.

Brittany is a geology major at Sam Houston who loves the environment and is excited about the prospect of working to make a difference in our world after her studies. She has a background in dance and has a very special talent to make the best or worst "dad jokes" (depending on whether you're keen on dad jokes). She loves God, and loves that she is able to work with an organization that shares His love daily.


Brittany Knox | Kitchen Intern

As kitchen intern, Brittany provides dinner for the students every Wednesday and other special events. Brittany takes care of connections with other churches and organizes our potato fundraisers.

Brittany is an Education major here at Sam Houston. She cherishes the Wesley for it's role in helping her decompress and support through tough course studies. She loves the fact she found her "Home away from home" being a very family oriented person. She hopes to be able take her caring and sometimes "motherly" personality and influence generations to come once she takes on the world as a teacher.


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Natalie Fellers | Media / Worship Intern

The media intern at the Wesley manages the website, social media, print media, and the worship experience on Wednesday nights. They use creative designs to maximize publicity for the Wesley and to make the visual aspect of worship appealing. They organize the Wesley's praise band to make sure all hearts are touched through worship each Wednesday night. 

Natalie is a Mass Communications major at Sam Houston with a focus in Multiplatform Journalism. She has a background in website management, and media design and loves to use these skills to promote the Wesley and make it a better place. She loves praising the Lord in the best way she knows how to, singing, and has been doing so for the past 7 years. Natalie feels that the Lord called her to be where she is today and for that she is thankful. 

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Chris Dunlap | Janitor

As janitor, Chris keeps the Wesley spic and span, especially following events and Wednesday night dinner. Brittany makes sure the Wesley always looks it's best to make sure it is always a nice and cozy "Home away from home," for the Bearkat family.

Chris is an Education major here at Sam Houston with a minor in Mathematics. He wants to use his degree to teach students to love math. Chris was saved at the age of 12, and during his time in school, the Wesley has helped him to keep my faith strong and continue to lift up the name of Jesus and speak good things of His word to others.


Wesley | Our SHSU Wesley Cat

Wesley, the cat that hangs out in the SHSU Wesley parking lot is in charge of making our day with his talkative meowing, basking in sunlight habits, and being generally cute. The Wesley is in charge of feeding him, petting him until he runs away, and providing cars for him to lay under. 


Bearkat | Our SHSU Wesley Cat

Bearkat, the cat other cat that hangs out in the SHSU Wesley parking lot is in charge of meowing loudly at you but running away when you approach, bothering Wesley cat, walking on the roof of our cars, and also, of course, being generally cute. The Wesley is also in charge of feeding him and providing cars for him to climb on.