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SHSU Wesley Foundation
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"The Measure of a Life is it's Service"

The SHSU Wesley supports the Sam Houston State motto and emphasis on the importance of service. Our members are a workforce to make our community a better place where ever it needs it; if assistance is needed, The Wesley will answer the call. We also participate in events/organizations such as UM Army, All paws in, FUMC's Great day of service, Good Shepherd Mission, Habitat for Humanity, and SHSU food pantry. Even if you are not involved in our Wednesday worship, the Wesley is a fantastic outlet to find ways to serve the community with students like you. 

Veggie Garden Service Opportunity

Wesley Students and SHSU Food Pantry Students are teaming up to maintain the vegetable garden plots! Each watering shift should only take a few minutes. All you need to do is soak the soil well, using the lowest spray setting on the hoses.

You can sign up in advance, by weeks, days or even a few seconds (if they see the spot still open on their phones or computers). You can sign up for as many spots as you want at a time, as long as you show up for your shifts, or delete your name the moment you know you can't work a specific one.

The morning shift is anytime with an a.m. with the time; 6am, 7:42am, 9:15am. The evening shift is after 6pm, as the temperatures start declining. Can also include 9pm, 10:42pm, 11:05 pm for the night owls of the dorms.

If it rains a lot on a certain day, we will put RAIN in the cells, even if someone signed up. Obviously, one does not have to water the plants if the rain did it well enough!

These are an easy and convenient way to earn service hours too! Greg will be happy to sign off on them!

If you need a 2-minute tour/training, contact the Wesley office and we will be happy to help you!

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